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Worried your idea will fail before it’s launched?

You only have one shot at this. Your software idea has got this far and now it’s time to make it real. You have the investment, you have the solution and now you need a team to help you refine and build your vision. You need a company that can guide you all the way. Don’t let your idea go to waste.

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In-depth research & planning so your software will be the best it can be

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Develop a product that truly excels in its purpose that users will adore

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With you from the start all the way through to the launch


5 Deadly development mistakes that kill good software ideas

Common pitfalls to avoid that sabotage many software products from the first step.

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Plan before you
fully invest

The first step is to create a Pre-build Plan for your software concept, which answers the most critical questions: how long will it take? how will it work? and how much will it cost? which are crucial to making it a success before we start your development.

* The fee is deductible from your project.

Best For Vetting New Ideas


Viability Plan

Make sure your idea is financially viable.

  • Outline
  • Viability Plan
  • 3 Day Turnaround

Best For Company Projects


Software Plan

Plan your software idea for an effective product.

  • Outline
  • Investment pack
  • Software schematic
  • User journey
  • 7 Day Turnaround

Best For Product Launches


Launch Plan

Planned, built and brought to market.

  • Outline
  • Investment pack
  • Marketing Plan
  • Market Research
  • 14 Day Turnaround

Building it is half the journey.

We take it all the way.

We’ve got a proven process delivered by our tight-knit team of experts to guide you through the entire process from plan to launch.

Partnering with real people with real ideas.

“Flusso worked with me from seed to fruition and building momentum fast”
Molly Denham - EA & FOUNDER

Software Development

Hundreds of new software products hit the market every day but, too many good ideas never make it because they weren’t developed with a solid plan in place or they simply ran out of money.

Here at Flusso Software, we start every software development project with a Software Plan so you always know the true costs and timeline for the entire build including launching and integration before you invest.

It’s software development done right.

Morning Coffee Project Management Software
VITAL a Flusso Software Customer
VAST Software a Flusso Software Customer
Donation Mission Software

Develop your software without the costs spiraling out of control.

Develop your software without costs spiraling our of control with Flusso Software